Dear Lover


You are not the average girl. You are water and fire at the same time. You are smart and sexy, sweet and sour. You are bougie and ratchet, hard and soft. You are a walking contradiction to societal norms. As a multifaceted woman, you have the ability to do a variety of things effortlessly. You can switch hats and play several different roles. Your diversity is unmatched but your gift is a blessing and a curse. As a multifaceted goddess you are often misunderstood and misinterpreted because society will try to label you. None of these labels will work because you are more than one title. Your chameleon gift will never allow you to fit into society’s box because you are full of surprises. Accept your gifts and embrace your calling because you are a walking exception to the rules. Understand that you are complex in the most beautiful way. Transformation is your super power and there is absolutely no one like you. We are in this together.